Board of Directors in its 55th meeting held on 7th March 2013 approved the Safety Policy and Principle in OPTCL for maintaining a safe working environment for its employees.  The Board emphasized for promoting safety awareness and culture among the employees to prevent accident across the organization and also emphasized to implement the safety standard in a time bound manner.

POLICY OPTCL recognizes and accepts its statutory and moral responsibility for implementing safety standards and maintaining a safe working environment for all its employees in terms of ensuring construction, operation and maintenance of Transmission Systems in the safest possible manner.  While achieving this singular objective it endeavours to ensure compliance with the requirement of I.E. Rules 1956, I.E. Act. 2003, Grid Code, CEA, (Measures related to Safety and Electricity Supply) Regulation, 2010 and Power System Safety Standards.

Our statement of general policy is to provide control of the safety risks arising from our work activities;

  • to consult with our employees on matters affecting their safety;
  • to provide and maintain safe plant and equipment;
  • to ensure safe handling and use of substances;
  • to provide information, instruction and supervision for employees;
  • to ensure all employees are competent to do their tasks and to give them adequate training;
  • to prevent accidents;
  • To maintain safe and healthy working conditions”

"When safety is ensured, the confidence and efficiency level of employees get manifold."