Sl. No. Name of the Projects District Division Zone
1 220/132KV S/S at Kesinga Kalahandi Bolangir WESTERN
2 132kV Kesinga-Junagarh line Kalahandi Bolangir WESTERN
3 132/33kV S/s at Birmaharajpur along with associated DC Line Subarnapur Bolangir WESTERN
4 132 KV line from Nuapara  to Padmapur Bargarh / Nuapada Bolangir WESTERN
5 220kV DC Line from Bolangir to Kesinga Bolangir/Kalahandi Bolangir WESTERN
6 132/33kV Thuapalli S/s along with associated LILO Line Bargarh Bolangir WESTERN
7 132 KV RTSS Deogaon Bolangir Bolangir WESTERN
8 132KV RTSS Godbhaga Sambalpur Bolangir WESTERN
9 132 KV Bargarh(new) LILO Line Bargarh Bolangir WESTERN
10 400/220kV Lapanga S/s Sambalpur Jharsuguda WESTERN
11 132/33kV Maneswar S/s along with LILO line Sambalpur Jharsuguda WESTERN
12 Restoration of 400kV Ib-Lapanga line From Loc. No. 124/2 to 149/0 Jharsuguda Jharsuguda WESTERN
13 400kV LILO of Vedanta-Meramundali line at Lapanga with Multi Circuit Tower Sambalpur Jharsuguda WESTERN
14 220/33kV Lephripara S/s along with LILO line Sundergarh Jharsuguda WESTERN
15 220/33kV Deogarh S/s along with LILO line Deogarh Jharsuguda WESTERN
16 220/132/33kV Bamra S/s along with associated line Sambalpur Jharsuguda WESTERN
17 RTSS Bimlagarh Sundergarh Jharsuguda WESTERN
18 RTSS Kechhobahal Jharsuguda Jharsuguda WESTERN
19 RTSS, Maneswar Sambalpur Jharsuguda WESTERN
20 132/33 KV GIS Hirakud along with associated LILO Line Sambalpur Jharsuguda WESTERN
21 RTSS Bamra Sambalpur Jharsuguda WESTERN

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