Sl. No. Name of the Projects District Division Zone
1 132KV DC line from 132/33KV Phulbani S/S to 132/33KV Boudh S/S Boudh / Kandhamal Angul CENTRAL
2 Diversion of one no.400kV Line and 4nos 220kV line with 220kV LILO arrangement for connectivity with 400/220kV GIS Meramundali-B. Dhenkanal Angul CENTRAL
3 220/132/33KV Kiakata S/S with associated 220KV DC line from Katapalli to Kiakata & 132KV DC line from Boudha to Kiakata. Angul Angul CENTRAL
4 220kv DC line on from Nuapada (Cuttack) to Pratapsasan S/S Khurda Bhubaneswar CENTRAL
5 2X63MVA, 220/33kV Gas Insulated Sub-station at Kantabada (SCRIPS) Khurda Bhubaneswar CENTRAL
6 2X63MVA, 132/33kV Gas Insulated Sub-station at Satyanagar, BBSR (SCRIPS) Khurda Bhubaneswar CENTRAL
7 2X63MVA, 132/33kV Gas Insulated Sub-station at Badagada, BBSR (SCRIPS) Khurda Bhubaneswar CENTRAL
8 2X63MVA, 132/33kV Gas Insulated Sub-station at Nayapalli, BBSR (SCRIPS) Khurda Bhubaneswar CENTRAL
9 2X160MVA + 2X63MVA , 220/132/33kV Gas Insulated Sub-station at Balianta(Benupur), BBSR with asscociated Khurda Bhubaneswar CENTRAL
10 220kV LILO line to Balianta (LILO on 220kV DC line from Pratapsasan to Nuapada-Cuttack) Khurda Bhubaneswar CENTRAL
11 132kV line from Balianta GIS S/S up to Gangua Canal Khurda Bhubaneswar CENTRAL
12 220KV line from 220/33KV Grid Sub-station, Nayagarh to RTSS at Nayagarh. Nayagarh Bhubaneswar CENTRAL
13 2X40MVA, 220/33kV Grid sub-station, Palei, Balichandrapur with associated 220kV DC LILO line from 220kV New Duburi-Paradeep DC line Ckt-II. Jajpur Cuttack CENTRAL
14 400 KV NEW DUBURI - Ersaama DC LINE (182 to 358) & 220 KV PARADEEP ERSAMA DC LINE Jagatsinghpur Cuttack CENTRAL
15 400 KV NEW DUBURI - PARADEEP LINE (1 to 182 ) & 220 KV Pratapsason - Ersama DC LINE Jagatsinghpur Cuttack CENTRAL
16 132KV SC line from 132/33KV grid Chandikhole S/S to proposed RTSS at Dhanmandal Jajpur Cuttack CENTRAL
17 132KV SC line from 132/33KV grid Choudwar S/S to RTSS at Charbatia Cuttack Cuttack CENTRAL

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