SL No. Name of the Projects District Division Zone
1 132 KV line from Bhadrak to Anandapur Bhadrak Keonjhar NORTHERN
2 220/33kV Keonjhar GIS S/s Keonjhar Keonjhar NORTHERN
3 220kV DC line from Keonjhar PG to Keonjhar S/s Keonjhar Keonjhar NORTHERN
4 132/33 kV Grid S/S at Agarpara along with LILO Line Bhadrak Balasore NORTHERN
5 132/33Kv S/S at Udala Mayurbhanj Balasore NORTHERN
6 132kV Line from Kuchei to Bangiriposi Mayurbhanj Balasore NORTHERN
7 132/33 KV S/S at Betanoti Mayurbhanj Balasore NORTHERN
8 132/33kv Chandbali GIS S/s Bhadrak Balasore NORTHERN
9 132/33kV Grid sub-station, Chandipur and associated 132kV LILO line Balasore Balasore NORTHERN
10 220/33 KV GSS Telkoi along with LILO Line Keonjhar Keonjhar NORTHERN
11 132/33 KV GSS Daitari along with LILO Line from BC Mohanty - TISCO Line Jajpur Keonjhar NORTHERN
12 132 kV Rungta Mines Sw. Stn. To Karakolha Steel Plant SC (in DC Towers) Keonjhar Keonjhar NORTHERN
13 132 kV Rungta Mines LILO DC ( on 132 kVJoda-Rourkela SC Line) Keonjhar Keonjhar NORTHERN
14 132 KV JSWCL LILO DC Line on 132 KV Duburi Old - MESCO Line Jajpur Keonjhar NORTHERN
15 132/33kV Chandipur S/S Balasore Balasore NORTHERN
16 220/132/33 kV Gris S/S Dhamra at Balimunda Balasore Balasore NORTHERN
17 220/132/33kv GSS Dhamra at Balimunda Balasore Balasore NORTHERN


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