• OPTCL has been using Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions in the name of "eShakti" since 2010, across the organization to ensure smooth operation of its day to day business by effectively using its resources.
  • The eShakti project comprises of multiple cross-functional modules and Departments Viz HR, Finance, Trust Funds, Procurement, Inventory, Cash Management, Projects, O&M, Energy Billing and other functional needs. This results in improved decision making in day-to-day business transactions and reduction in transaction & coordination costs.
  • It is further integrated with other applications used at OPTCL in a two way handshaking approach leading to a centralized outcome getting reflection of data from all module in a real time basis.
  • It is in live use throughout OPTCL including all zone/circle/division/sub-divisions using its own dedicated Wide Area Network. New changes are being incorporated time to time with all the requirements coming from user and also as per the government policy /budget etc…
  • This application is growing rapidly with an average increase of 10GB/Month in database.
  • Automation of all the activities performed in OPTCL and fully digitalize the office processes.
  • Aspiring for more throughput with the help of trending technologies such as IoT, Big-data etc…

"When safety is ensured, the confidence and efficiency level of employees get manifold."