1. DO obey all statutory rules and regulations in force for Line Clear (L/C) Requisition/Issue/Return of OPTCL.
  2. DO obey all statutory safety instructions and SOPs.
  3. DO use correct size and quality of fuse while replacing the blown out fuse.
  4. DO turn your face away whenever an arc or flash occurs.
  5. DO wear apron and face mask while working with battery.
  6. DO ensure controlling switches are opened & locked or fuse cut outs are withdrawn before working on lines.
  7. DO keep away inflammables from electrical apparatus.
  8. DO disconnect the supply immediately in case of fire on or near Electrical Apparatus/Equipment.
  9. DO break the circuit by opening the power switch and release the victim in case of any accident.
  10. DO insulate yourself from earth by standing on rubber mat or any insulating material while attempting to get the person who is in contact with live line or apparatus.
  11. DO remove the casualty from the cause, render CPR, first aid, if applicable, and send for doctor or take the casualty to the nearest hospital.
  12. DO report all accidents whether minor or major, fatal or non-fatal, departmental or non-departmental, related to the organization, immediately to the In-charge and he/she has to report the appropriate authorities in ladder including the Safety Cell of OPTCL.


  2. DO NOT wear loose and untidy dresses & neckties, jewelry & watches etc.
  3. DO NOT replace a blown fuse until you are satisfied with the cause and you have rectified the irregularity in the related system.
  4. DO NOT disconnect a plug by pulling flexible cable when the switch is on.
  5. DO NOT use wire with poor insulation.
  6. DO NOT close any Switch/Isolator/Breaker unless you are familiar with the circuit, which it controls and know the reason for its being kept open.
  7. DO NOT work on energized circuits without taking extra precautions, such as use of rubber gloves and gauntlets.
  8. DO NOT touch or tamper with any electrical equipment or conductor, unless you have made sure that it is dead and earthed.
  9. DO NOT drag faulty or worn out cable without checking or testing.
  10. DO NOT enter/work in confined space without any supporting staff.
  11. DO NOT work inside the cable trench without proper illumination and supporting staff.
  12. DO NOT work on the live circuit without the specific orders of the authorized Engineer in-charge and make certain that all safety precautions have been taken.
  13. DO NOT use objects like bamboo sticks for alignment of Isolators-------(to be discussed)
  14. DO NOT disconnect earthing connection or withdraw the safety gadgets installed on mains and apparatus unless you are sure or instructed by the appropriate authority..
  15. DO NOT open or close switch or fuse slowly or hesitatingly.
  16. DO NOT touch an electric circuit when your hands are wet, bleeding or cut.
  17.  DO NOT Handle acids/chemicals/oil without wearing the acid/alkali proof apron and rubber gloves.
  18. DO NOT use fire extinguisher on electrical equipment unless it is of proper class and prescribed for use for that purpose.
  19. DO NOT throw/inject water on live electrical equipment in case of fire.
  20. DO NOT touch the body of electrical shock victim. Push him with a piece of dry wood.
  21. DO NOT discontinue artificial respiration until recovery or death is confirmed by the Doctor.
  22. DO NOT allow visitors and unauthorized persons to touch or handle electrical apparatus or come within the danger zone of E.H.V. apparatus.
  23. DO NOT test circuit with bare fingers.


"When safety is ensured, the confidence and efficiency level of employees get manifold."