The In compliance with Section-3 of the Electricity Act-2003 the Central Government notifies the National Electricity Policy. The Section 3(1) of this Act-2003 requires the Central Govt. to formulate, inter alia, the National Electricity Policy in consultation with Central Electricity Authority (CEA) and State Govt. The plan prepared by CEA and approved by Central Govt. can be used by prospective generating companies, transmission utilities as reference document.

The Transmission System requires adequate and timely investments and also efficient and coordinated action to develop a robust and integrated power system for the country. Keeping in view the massive increase planned in generation and also for development of power market, there is need for adequately augmenting transmission capacity in order to avoid mismatch between generation capacity and transmission facilities. The Planning of the Network expansion and its implementation program is most essential for the organization for its future growth.

The Directorate of Corporate Planning was created in GRIDCO during the year 1995. The Corporate Planning was assigned with the following main activities.

  • Long Term financial projection and overall perspective planning.
  • Co-ordination of reform-restructuring process.
  • Co-ordination with project Management Unit.
  • Liaison with external agencies like Govt. of Orissa, CEA, World Bank etc on Corporate Policy and reform/restructuring. Further, after 01.04.1997, the activities of the Corporate Planning were modified as under.
  • Monthly returns on various planning aspects to Govt. of Orissa and Govt. of India.
  • Returns on various planning aspects to Central Electricity Authority and Orissa Electricity Regulatory Commission.
  • Compliance to questionnaire of the State Legislative Assembly/Parliamentary affairs.
  • Any other works as and when required.

Plan and Operate the Transmission System so as to ensure that transmission system built, operated and maintained to provide efficient, economical and coordinated system of Transmission and meet the overall Performance Standard.

Development of a well coordinated transmission system in the back drop of formation of Strong National Power Grid as a flag ship, endeavor to steer the development of Power System on planned path leading to cost effective fulfillment of the objective of “Electricity to All” at affordable price.

Subsequently from 01.04.2005 Orissa Power Transmission Corporation Ltd (OPTCL) is engaged in the business of Transmission of electric energy in the state of Orissa and OPTCL has been notified as State Transmission Utility (STU).

The Long Term Planning Cell (LTPC) which was created in February-2000 under Corporate Planning branch of OPTCL deals with to carry out specific long Term Planning Activities (the period of 3 months to 10 years ahead). The LTPC plays an important role in supporting the corporate level planning process by supplying data, information support and conducting system studies.

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