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New Projects

Expansion of OPGW network

This project is intended to extend OPGW to all generating stations and Substations of 220kV and above in first phase (1324kM). Ultimately the existing data interfacing points for SCADA integration shall be enhanced from existing 12 numbers to 34. This project is aimed to provide broadband connectivity for acquisition of data from new substations of OPTCL as well as upcoming IPP/CGP/CGS .The Project is in active progress through consultancy service of PGCIL. OPGW installation activities have started and will pick up momentum after monsoon.

Target completion date: Feb 2014

Expected date of completion: March 2014

SCADA integration of all other Grid Substations of OPTCL.

The project is aimed to install RTU in the remaining sub stations, which were excluded in the scope of ULDC project. It will cover 35 existing substations and one no. generating station(Machhakund HPS) presently under progress through consultancy service of PGCIL at an estimated cost of Rs 36crores. The Project work has already been started and RTUs are delivered at the respective sites for commissioning .M/S Chemtrols pvt. Ltd. has been awarded the contract. The new RTUs shall be integrated to the existing ULDC SCADA database. Up gradation of the control center for existing EMS/SCADA System at SLDC and provision of a back up Control center for SLDC at Meramundali are also the parts of this project. Video Conferencing System (VCS) between SLDC and ERLDC, Kolkata is proposed to be included  in the Project. Besides this, integration of RTUs for another six nos of grid sub-stations being undertaken by PGCIL for OPTCL along with future upcoming18 sub-stations shall also be taken up successively for SCADA connectivity with SLDC.

Target completion date: Sept 2013

Expected date of completion: March 2014

Reframing of Microwave Radio links

As per the decision taken up by WPC, the allocation of spectrum operating in the frequency band from 2.3 to 2.4 GHz for microwave radio links in ULDC network is already withdrawn. Stringing of OPGW is completed in all line sections. UGFO between SLDC-OPTCL HQ section shall be taken up shortly. The link is presently running on 2Mbps Channel of Powertel temporarily. Terminal Equipments at all stations are installed temporarily to vacate MW frequency within the dead line set by Govt. of India at that time. This work is being done centrally by power grid for all the eastern region states with co-ordination from the respective constituents.

PLCC aided line Protection Scheme

This protection scheme uses an interfacing equipment (coupler) between Protection relay and communication link. The tripping command originating from protection relay at one end gets transferred over PLCC and actuates protection relay at the opposite end of the line section at the shortest time, so that simultaneous tripping of circuit breakers at both ends is possible. So far, 14 Nos of line sections have been provided with protection couplers and presently in operation. Further, action has been initiated for deployment of protection couplers in the balance 220kV line sections.


  • A total of 28 nos of such industries have been integrated with SLDC for real time data display under supervision of telecom wing as per OGC Regulations,2006.
  • Many such industries are under pipeline for integration of their SCADA system with SLDC, which is being supervised by Telecom wing.
  • One pair of spare optic fibre has been leased out to Powergrid between Jeypore-BBSR OPGW line segments for which Powergrid is paying a sum of Rs 28.39 lakhs per annum to OPTCL.
  • 2Mbps channel has been provided to IT wing of OPTCL at Chandaka, Mendhasal, Narendrapur, Theruvali & Jayanagar for the smooth ERP operation in our existing OPGW channel.
  • ONLINE SCADA data is extended to DOSCC of 4 DISCOMs for better grid management.
  • CUG is operational in OPTCL under supervision of Telecom Wing of OPTCL.