Sl. No. Name of the Projects Division Zone
1 Installation of 3rd 315 MVA, 400/220kV ICT alongwith one 400kV & one 220kV Transformer Bay at 400/220kV GSS New Duburi. KEONJHAR NORTHERN
2 2X160MVA 220/132 & 2X20MVA 220/33 220/132/33kV GSS at Turumunga with associated 220kV DC line from 400/220kV PGCIL Keonjhar to Turumunga & 132kV LILO line from 132kV Palasapanga-Karanjia SC line. KEONJHAR NORTHERN
3 220 KV LILO Line from CKT II of 220 KV TTPS -Joda DC Line to 220/33 KV GIS, Keonjhar (13.414 KM) KEONJHAR NORTHERN
4 132 KV DC line from 220/132/33 KV GSS Turumunga to 132/33 KV GSS Dhenkikote ( Length of line = 42.52 KM) KEONJHAR NORTHERN
5 2 NOS. 220 KV GIS Bay Extension at 220/33 KV GIS Keonjhar for connetivity with 220 KV LILO Line TTPS - Joda KEONJHAR NORTHERN
6 132kV DC line from 132/33kV GIS Chandbali to 220/132/33kV GSS, Balimunda(Dhamara) BALASORE NORTHERN
7 2nd Circuit Stringing of 132 KV Bhadrak-Anandpur with One No. Feeder Bay Extensions at Both ends. BALASORE NORTHERN
8 132KV SC line(2 conductor) from 132/33kV Grid S/S Rairangpur to proposed RTSS at Rairangpur with 1 no. 132KV Fdr. Bay extn. at GSS Rairangpur KEONJHAR NORTHERN
9 132kV DC line (2 Conductor) from 132/33 KV GSS Bangiripoisi to proposed RTSS at Bhanjpur with 02 nos. of bay extensions at Bangiriposi S/S. BALASORE NORTHERN


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